mSpy Monitoring Software for Android, Iphone, and Blackberry Cell Phones

cell phone spymSpy is a new generation of cell phone tracking software that installs directly to any of the phones mentioned above (Android & iOS tablets are also fully supported!). The functions of the software give you the ability to covertly access the phone's text messages, emails, GPS location, call history, photos, videos and much more, from the web browser of your choice. The easy to use web control panel and 24/7 customer support makes mSpy app the best solution for keeping your children safe and workers productive.

We refer to the mobile phone which you wish to monitor as the "target phone". Here is an example of how our mSpy can be used on a target mobile:

step 1

You can monitor the target cell phone to see what SMS (text messages) and emails are sent or received. You can also monitor all of the calls in real time.

step 2

By keeping tabs on the usage of the target mobile, you could establish the routine of the user. You can also track the GPS location of the target phone at any given point.

step 3

Read instant messages. Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Social Network, Viber, SnapChat and Facebook.

How the Cell Phone Tracking Works?

A customer purchases the mSpy software from us. They are then given instructions showing how to download the app and install it on the targeted device. The installation is quick which means that you will only need possession of the target phone for a few minutes.

At the time of purchase we set up a web based control panel for the new mSpy customer. It is from this control panel where the customer will login with a username and password. You can then control which functions are being used on the monitored mobile at any given time. That's right, the various features of the software can be turned on and off individually, at any time.

how cell phone spy software works

The mSpy software runs silently in the background of the monitored smartphone and continually uploads all data (such as phone calls information, real time GPS location, Text Messages, E-mails, Photo, video files etc) to your secure web based control panel.

mSpy Basic
mSpy Premium
1 MONTH $39
3 MONTHS $59
1 MONTH $69
3 MONTHS $119
6 MONTHS $149
12 MONTHS $199
buy mspy now buy mspy now
  • supportedText Messages (SMS) & MMS
  • supportedCall history & Contact List
  • supportedEmails
  • supportedWebsite History & Bookmarks
  • supportedCalendar, Notes, Tasks
  • supportedUnlimited Device Change
  • supportedPhotos & Videos
  • supportedInstalled Applications
  • supportedSIM Change Notification
  • supportedHidden operation
  • supportedGPS Location
  • supported24/7 Ticket & E-Mail Support
  • supportedAutomatic mSpy Updates
  • supportedText Messages (SMS) & MMS
  • supportedReal Time Call history & Contact List
  • supportedReal Time email interception
  • supportedWebsite History & Bookmarks
  • supportedCalendar, Notes, Tasks
  • supportedUnlimited Device Change
  • supportedPhotos & Videos
  • supportedInstalled Applications
  • supportedSIM Change Notification
  • supportedGPS Location
  • supportedGeo-Fencing
  • supportedKeylogger
  • supportedWi-Fi Networks
  • supportedApps & Websites Blocking
  • supportedIncoming Call Blocking
  • supportedRemote Device Lock or Total Wipe
  • supportedHidden operation
  • supportedSnapchat
  • supportedWhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, iMessage*
  • supported24/7 Ticket, E-Mail & Phone Support

Check Out Our Online Control Panel Demo

We offer an online demo that will quickly introduce you to how the spy data will appear in your control panel, after it has been uploaded by a target cell phone. This will show you how the software works before you make a buying decision. Once you see how easy it is to work within the control panel, we are sure you will be confident that our mSpy software is the solution that you have been looking for. Please click on the below button to go to our dedicated mSpy website where you can see our demo control panel or place an order.


mySpy Software Features Description

supported Stealth Mode
When our software is installed on the phone it operates in the background and has no effect on how the phone runs its normal functions. The software is completely untraceable on the smartphone.
supported Remote Control

All analysis of the gathered information is performed through the web based control panel. Any changes needed to the configuration of the software are done through the dashboard. You only need physical possession of the target smartphone to install the software initially. After the installation, you will not need to touch the device again.

supported Real Time Call logs

All incoming and outgoing calls are chronologically logged in your secure control panel. The log will show the phone number, contact name (if it is in the target phone's address book), date, time and call duration. The log is updated at the control panel in real time so the log is always up to date.

supported Real Time E-mail Interceptor
A copy of each incoming and outgoing email on the target smartphone is sent to your control panel. The email data will include the time of the email, as well as the email address and contact name of the recipient/sender as long as it is contained in the target phone's contact list, as well as the body of the email.
supported Text Message (SMS) Interceptor
This function will send a copy of all text messages that are sent or received on the target smartphone. The copies will be sent to your mSpy control panel and will include phone number contacted, the date, the time the text took place as well as the text body. You will also know if the text is incoming or outgoing.
supported Contact Book Interceptor
You will be able to access the address book (contact list) of target cell phone. Any time a new contact is entered for SMS, email or phone number, it will be reported to the control panel instantly.
supported Install without Cable, PC
The mSpy app can be installed through a couple of options. You can simply download our software to the smartphone by using the phone's internet browser. Alternatively, you may also download the software to your computer and then install it to the target device using a USB cable. The installation only takes a few minutes regardless of which method you decide to use
supported Free Lifetime Upgrades
As the leader in spy phone technology, we are constantly working to add new features to our software products. Whenever new options are created, you will receive the updates at no charge for life!
supported Cell ID Tracking
When GPS is not available on the target smartphone, the mSpy can still track the location of the device. It does this by using cell phone towers to retrieve the listing of the cell IDs that the target mobile is close to. It then refers to the cell ID database and refers to the latitude and longitude that was previously recorded at a time when the GPS was active on the target phone.
supported GPS Location
The GPS spy function is particularly helpful when tracking children that are away from home. This lets you know where the smartphone is located and where it has been.
supported Photo Interceptor
When you activate this function, it will upload every photo that is taken with the target smartphone, to your control panel. You can then login to your web control panel and view the pictures.
supported Video Interceptor
When this function is turned on, the app will instruct the smartphone to upload any video that it shoots, to your secure control panel. All that you need to do is login and take a look.
supported Events Log
This feature creates an overall log of any events that are scheduled on the phone and automatically uploads the log to your control panel where you can access it by logging in with your private login details.
supported Memo Log
All memos created on the target phone will automatically be uploaded and accessible to you from the control panel.
supported Tasks & Calendar Log
The spy app will upload all tasks & Calendar (appointments, scheduled meetings etc) created on the target phone to the control panel. This happens automatically and will be accessible to you from the control panel.
supported Encrypted Logs
This function makes an encrypted log of all the activity on the monitored device. It then uploads the log to your control panel. Since the logs are encrypted, there is no way possible for a third party to view the logs.
supported Unlimited Phone Change
We allow you to download the mSpy software as many times as you need. This is helpful in the event that the target user likes to change phones frequently. It also makes it possible to spy on another smartphone if you have completed your spy activities on the current target phone.
supported 10 Days Money Back Guarantee
We provide our customers with a ten day 100% money back guarantee. If you decide within the first 10 days of making your software purchase, that it is not suiting your needs, we will refund your money - no questions asked.
supported Internet Browser History & Bookmarks Logs
Our mSpy program records and uploads the cell phone's web history & Bookmarks to your account. You can see all the websites accessed from the target smartphone's browser.
supported Monitoring via Wi-Fi or 3G
The software allows you to choose your preferred method of uploading spy logs to your secure control panel.
supported Emergency Phone Blocking Feature
The feature allows to block the target device if it gets lost /stolen to protect your the phone's data.
supported Installed Programs
Check what programs are installed on the mobile at any time.
supported Extra Phone Information
Our powerful monitoring software can show you the state of charge of the target mobile phone's battery and what type of connection is being used to upload all collected spy logs to your web account.
supported Website / Application / Incoming Calls Blocking Features
The feature gives you the power to restrict access to certain websites, applications and even block calls from any phone number you wish.
supported NEW Skype. WhatsAPP, iMessage, Viber
Monitor instant messengers chats. So much awaited feature!
supported NEW FACEBOOK
Track everything your target user posts in real time! Monitor statuses, get full access to private messages, see hidden friend lists etc.
supported NEW Key-Logger
Keylogger will help you to monitor everything typed on the cell phone or tablet. For example: login details, search phrases, messages, and other data that might shed the light on what your target person is up to.
supported NEW Wipe utility
Wish to delete all personal data from the smartphone remotely? No problem! Use our Wipe feature to completely erase photos, videos, SMS, contacts and other private data from the target mobile.


Possible uses for our mSpy (My Spy) software:

  • Keep tabs on an employee, business partner or a business competitor.
  • Monitor the phone usage of your children.
  • Keep your family safe from bad influences and sexual harassment.
  • Verify suspicions of a cheating spouse or lover.


A Few Important Facts About mSpy

  • Fast easy installation that requires no technical skills whatsoever.
  • Complete stealth operation. The user of the target phone will have no idea that they are being spied upon.
  • Our phone monitoring software requires very few resources from the target device. This means that the mobile will function as normal.
  • Untraceable because all data is uploaded to your control panel and no logs are left on the target smartphone.
  • Programmed to operate on most current smartphones and with any network provider.
  • No hidden or add-on fees. No extra charges to your phone bill.
  • Free upgrades and technical support for life.
The chances are that if somebody is hiding something from you, then it is probably being hidden on their mobile. Now you can get to the bottom of their secrets by looking in the last place that they would expect you to be looking.


Need Help?

If you still have questions you may want to take a look at out mSpy frequently asked questions section. If you have additional questions that are not found in the mSpy FAQ, or have additional comments, please contact our support team via our online contact form or use our live chat feature.