mSpy Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ features questions that we are often asked in regards to our mSpy software for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows based smart-phones.

How do I install the software on the target phone?
After you make your purchase from our website, you will be provided with instructions that will show you how to download and install the mSpy software. You will then install the software on the mobile phone that you want to spy on. We refer to this phone as the "target phone". Installation is easy and fast. You will only need the target phone for a few minutes.

How do I retrieve the spy data from the target phone?
Once the mSpy has been installed you will be assigned an account for a personal dashboard control center which is hosted on our web server. You will have unique login information which you will use to access this dashboard. From the dashboard you will give instructions to the target phone as to what sort of data you wish to receive from it. You can turn functions on and off as you desire. The dashboard control panel is also where you will review the data that has been gathered.

How soon can I use the spy software?
You will be able to begin your spy activities as soon as the software has been installed on the target phone. You can immediately login to your dashboard and determine which spy functions that you want the software to perform on the target phone and begin to review the data as soon as it is gathered and uploaded to your dashboard.

Does the mSpy software really work?
Our software is the best mobile spy phone software on the market. Our reputation for providing quality spy software is impeccable. We would not have this reputation if our products didn't work as we claim they do. Rest assured that our spy software products work exactly as we claim. Please visit our mSpy dedicated website for free online demo.

Does your product come with a guarantee?
Absolutely. We offer a ten day complete money back guarantee should you decide that our product is not for you. However, we know that you will be just as happy as our thousands of customers throughout the world. So place your order with confidence because we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Can the mSpy software be installed on more than one phone?
Yes, the software can be installed on as many phones as you wish. However you will need a separate dashboard control panel account for each installation so that you can send configuration instructions to each target phone. When you purchase the mSp software you will be asked to select the quantity of phones you wish to spy upon. If you wish to spy on more than one phone, you will need to purchase a dashboard subscription for each phone. It's a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

What makes your software better than others that I have seen?
For starters, our software works. We take great pride in the fact that we have earned the position of being the leader in mobile phone spy software. We produce a very high quality product that completely reliable. Our products are user friendly and very intuitive. Our customers find our spy software products extremely easy to use.

We are able to offer so many functions because of the system that we have developed for retrieving the information that is gathered. Our web based user control panel is accessible to you from any computer, phone or tablet with an internet connection. From there you will be able to easily retrieve the information you are seeking. We offer this secure environment for just a small monthly fee. Visit mSpy website for online demo!

What if your software doesn't work on my network?
Our cell phone spy software will work on ANY network in ANY country. The only thing you need to check is to see if your target cell phone is compatible with our software and has access to the internet. As long as you are using an Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows based phone, then it is compatible with our mSpy software product.

Why is it necessary for the target phone to have internet access?
This is required because the various functions of the mSpy software work to intercept data from the target phone, and then send it to your web based control panel dashboard from the target phone. You then retrieve the data by logging into that dashboard with your phone, computer or tablet. It is important to understand that the target phone will leave no trace that it has sent this data to the control panel dashboard.

Will the GPRS / internet charges be visible on the phone bill of the target phone?
Although the target phone bill may show internet access charges, they won't be identified as being charges to connect to the dashboard specifically, or which applications were used while accessing the internet. So there will be no way for the user of the target phone to conclude that the charges were a result of your spy activity. Most people these days have unlimited internet access on their phones anyway, so this wouldn't be an issue either way.