Cellular Intercept Demonstration

With Intercept capabilities encompassing Fully Passive off the air COMINT, the need for a professional demonstration is sometimes necessary when procuring a Cellular Interception System.

cell interceptor


Our Experts:

  • Travel to your location;
  • Meet with you or your client;
  • Explain & demonstrate cellular architecture, logistics, and various modes of our GSM, 3G, 4G interception system.


We Demonstrate:

  • Target Mode;
  • Random Mode;
  • Catcher Mode;
  • Geo-Location Mode;
  • SMS Intercept;
  • Data Capture (IMSI, IMEI);
  • Detection Mode;
  • Optional City Wide Coverage;
  • Portable Stationary Systems;
  • Optional Covert Configuration.

We further demonstrate our system’s operation, giving a demonstration of its features step by step with our actual live unit. In addition to the various modes, its tactical nature and demographic features are also clarified so you or your client can better understand what is involved in acquiring this Cellular Monitoring System.


Terms and Conditions

This agreement specifies the terms and conditions under which thespyphone.com will conduct a local demonstration of our Cellular Monitoring systems.

A fee of 21,000 EUR must be submitted at the time of scheduling (the fee may be higher for non EU countries). This fee is credited towards the purchase of the system. If, for whatever reason, no purchase is made, the fee will be refunded, less travel and insurance expenses.

A non-disclosure agreement must be signed and returned to us by the client at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date.

The agenda for the demonstration will be as follows:

1. Introduction of thespyphone.com
2. Live Demonstration of the Universal Monitoring System (UMS Interceptor).

  • Graphic User Interface;
  • Standard operation;
  • Modes of operation (random / target);
  • Geo-location / Tracking Option;
  • SMS intercept;
  • Data Intercept (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp);
  • Tactical operation;
  • Configuration options;
  • Expansion Options;
  • Covert Options.

3. Question and Answer Session.
4. Preparation of Purchase Order.
5. End-user training.