Covert Surveillance. GSM Call Interceptor

We are proud to announce this unique, surveillance product, which is exclusively available to purchase through our website only. A unique blend of advanced spyware development and cellular interception technologies.

A heavily modified version of the latest Google Pixel 3 mobile phone will allow you to scan, locate and intercept in real time GSM cellular calls made within up to 200 feet range. Our state of the art built-in hardware & software interception solution operates in its own environment and does not interfere with the phone’s normal operation. Interception works in passive mode, completely undetectable, does not interfere with GSM networks and mobile phones around you.

All intercepted calls are recorded automatically and stored in the phone’s memory in encrypted form. GSM decryption software is included in the package (compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10). Simply copy encrypted conversation files from the interceptor to your PC and import them into the decryption software. The decryption process is fully automatic. The software user-interface is straightforward and require no special knowledge from the user to operate.

The Pixel 3 Call Interceptor comes with a premium hard case. The case’s cover is rubberized to provide it with shock reflection ability. Together with two layer protection, it ensures your  portable Call Interceptor will be completely safe when using in harsh environments.

pixel 3 interceptor

Pixel 3 Call Interceptor main features

  • Fully passive operation;
  • Wideband Passive Interception (WPI) technology;
  • Gather and analyze critical call information anonymously;
  • Effective working range up to 200 feet (depending on the environment);
  • Record up to 2 voice calls simultaneously within the covered area;;
  • Decrypt A5/1 and A5/2 encryption;
  • Instant setup within 1-2 minutes only.

* 3G/4G networks are not supported.

Price: 12500 EUR excl VAT.

The Pixel 3 Call Interceptor can be combined with our Untraceable Cell Phone app to protect your location while performing GSM surveillance.

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