Detector, Preventer and Locator of IMSI Catchers & GSM Interception Systems

One of the most popular ways to intercept incoming and outgoing GSM calls is by utilizing an active GSM interception system. As soon as the target phone is logged onto a GSM active interception system, the cell phone’s identity is automatically extracted, allowing the attacker to intercept conversations and text messages. offers a unique all-in-one solution of full protection against active GSM interception systems and IMSI catchers. Designed for companies or individuals looking to secure their private information and identity.

Our solution automatically identifies its surrounding GSM cellular networks and detects unusual behavior. The built-in state-of-the-art algorithms determine whether an alternate fake cell has replaced the original operating cell. Furthermore, the system operator has an option to disable interception and prevent its operation by exploiting specific vulnerabilities in the GSM standard and has the ability to locate active interception system in very high accuracy (e.g. exact room inside a building).

active gsm interceptor detector imsi & gsm interceptor detector

  • Fast & reliable detection of fake cell;
  • Visible and audible system alerts;
  • Accurate location of the interception;
  • Remote management;
  • Full 2G & 3G support;
  • Easy operation & friendly user interface.

Various accessories are available to further enhance the detector:

  • whip GSM antenna;
  • flat panel antenna;
  • enhanced fix antenna;
  • homing device;
  • Battery pack;
  • CSOC server.

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