Mobile Satellite Interception System

State of the art solution to build an intelligence picture over mobile satellite networks. Detect, monitor and intercept mobile satellite communications. This advanced solution has been designed to cover satellite interception for main mobile satellite communication systems: Iridium, Inmarsat, IsatPhone Pro and Thuraya.

The satellite interception system intercepts calls, text messages, faxes and raw data communications. The interceptor works in fully passive mode meaning its operation is completely undetectable. The system also allows geo-localization of Iridium and Thuraya mobile phones. All intercepted sessions are automatically stored in the system database for off line analysis.

Mobile Satellite Interceptor Main Specifications

  • Operation range up to 1350km;
  • Display phone geo-location;
  • SMS(MMS) interception;
  • Full voice decoding;
  • Power source 250w;
  • Omni Directional Antenna;
  • Quantity of channels: 32;
  • Datacom: Yes;
  • Management Laptop: supplied;
  • Total System Weight: 10 kg.
satellite interception

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