Passive GSM Interceptor

gsm surveillanceThe Tactical GSM Interceptor may be used to listen to voice calls, monitor text messages and capture forensic data. All cellular conversations and SMS are recorded on the hard disk of the laptop, allowing evaluation of the intercepted data at any time.

It is a well known fact that Active Cellular Interception solutions may be detected by the target user or network operator, therefore the need for discreet cellular monitoring is a priority. Our GSM cellular interception solution is based on state of the art technology, extensive field experience and works in fully passive mode.

“Fully passive” means:

  • Interceptor does not have any transmitting parts;
  • Interceptor does not interfere with GSM networks and mobile phones;
  • Interceptor operation is completely undetectable.

passive gsm interceptorOur GSM interceptor system uses Wideband Passive Interception (WPI) technology: WPI covers the whole GSM radio spectrum. It automatically decodes and analyzes the signals exchanged off-the-air on the GSM cells meaning it can handle many more cells and simultaneous communications than narrowband receivers.

Compared with narrowband solutions the key benefits are:

  • Mass interception regardless the number of cells;
  • Real-time performance;
  • Target priority management;
  • Exhaustive interception of signalization and SMS;
  • Highly portable solution.

Multi-band fully passive GSM interception system features

  • Gather and analyze critical information from multiple communication sources;
  • Gain target’s accurate location and control the situation;
  • Passively and covertly collect cellular traffic in an area and analyze it in real time to identify potential targets;
  • Identify suspicious communication patterns using a wide range of analysis tools (location, speech recognition, link analysis, text matching);
  • Mass interception to listen and record all voice communications exchanged within the covered area;
  • Target interception to specifically intercept the voice communications of a highly valuable target (the target will have been previously identified by: IMSI, IMEl or phone number);
  • Intercept voice calls and text messages of potential targets;
  • Decrypt A5/1, A5/2 and A5/3 encryptions with an embedded decipher in real time;
  • The system user can make fake calls / SMS;
  • Intercept all the exchanged SMS within an area. All latine and non latine characters fully supported;
  • Instant setup within minutes only.

gsm interceptor
Lightweight, portable with effective working range 25km – 120km.

Optionally, we can integrate the support of 3G (WCDMA, UMTS) to create the ultimate all-in-one cellular interception solution and to cover all popular network bands. Please contact us for details.

ATTENTION! Beware of the fraud! It has come to our attention that there are websites operated by fraudsters that illegally copied our products and offer them at the price of 5-10 times lower of the real price. Please be careful! Purchase cellular interception solutions directly from the manufacturer only.

Supported StandardGSM
Power Source250W
AntennaSingle Multi Band Omni or Directional
SMS / MMS InterceptionYES
Management SourceLaptop
Effective Rangeup to 120km
Global Geolocation of SubscriberYES
Package includesHardware Interceptor, Deciphering Software / Hardware Module (A5/1, A5/2), Antenna, Laptop with preloaded software

For complete product details and pricing information, please contact us:



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